Mexico's treasury of natural and historical marvels

Far more than just tasty cuisine, Mexican culture is rich with religious and traditional rituals and art, and the country's wealth of wonders includes 27 different UNESCO cultural heritage sites and four natural heritage sites.

If you've been lucky enough to visit Mexico, you may have some inkling of the vast wealth of natural, cultural and artistic wonders the country has to offer. Even so, you're probably only scratched the surface: the range and value is so great that 31 sites have been chosen by UNESCO as world heritage sites, 27 cultural and four natural. The country is home to a wealth of archaeological and architectural gems from the relics of ancient civilisations, to cave art, to fortified cities, and preserves indigenous traditions and rituals that have been handed down over centuries. It also boasts lush natural scenery where incredible fauna and flora live, not forgetting the stunning beauty of the islands off the coast and the marine marvels of the ocean itself that even include a whale sanctuary. Our photo gallery will give you an idea of the marvels of Mexico. Perhaps it will even tempt you to take a trip and see for yourself.