Sotheby's Manhattan wine shop

Sotheby's, the leading New York auction house, has expanded its business interests, and now sells fine wines selected by its team of connoisseurs.

Sotheby’s has become the first major international auction house to venture into the realms of wine retail with a specialist shop situated in the lobby of the company's New York headquarters at 1334 York Avenue on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Here they provide a complete service for those interested in wine who want to take advantage of the decades of experience of this prestigious firm who work with top winemakers and collectors around the world. 

The selection on offer includes not only fine wine from the cellars of top producers, but also lesser known choices specific to Sotheby's Wines, many available in the United States exclusively from the auction house wine merchant. The same exacting standards for which they are famous within the auction business are now applied to the wine business, and all wines chosen display the character and personality appropriate to the prestigious name that backs them. 

The shop, designed by interior designers Kuhlmann-Leavitt, offers a full range of prices with the best and most exclusive reaching as high as $40,000, while at the lower end there are far more accessible options such as a 2005 Château Franc Couplet at $13.95 or a Spanish 2007 Tres Picos Garnacha at $16.95. Anyone who wants to build their wine cellar, buy as an investment, make a special gift, or simply enjoy a good wine at home will find what they are looking for.

Now, to complement the New York store option, the firm has set up the Sotheby's Wine web page making it even easier to purchase these selected wines backed by unmistakable expertise.

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