Christmas markets sparkle across Europe

All across Europe from Vienna to Prague, from Berlin to Madrid, from Ludwigsbury to Paris, the most famous and picturesque squares and plazas of towns and cities have blossomed with traditional Christmas markets. Join us as we take a look at some that seem to come straight from the pages of a story book.

Traditional markets, where you can enjoy the colours of Christmas, buy a real fir tree, mistletoe, tinsel and trappings, the toys and ornaments that bring memories of childhood flooding back, where you can share your festive wishes with friends over a glass of mulled wine, breathe in the scent of roasting chestnuts and freshly-baked spiced cookies, while bright lights sparkle and flicker and the sound of traditional carols fills the air... For children of all ages, we've compiled an album of some of Europe's most delightful Advent markets. We're limited to photos, but these markets offer a chance to taste, smell, hear and feel the real Yuletide spirit. Wrap up warm and let your imagination transport you into these Christmas fairytale settings.

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