Europe gets ready to greet 2011

London, Berlin, Paris… All across Europe towns, cities and villages are ready to party, with music, fireworks, dances and drinks all featuring in the celebrations that will welcome 2011. But the arrival of January – named for the two-headed god Janus – is a time to look back as well as forward, so let's take a look at some scenes from last year's celebrations. Forget the world recession and other worries. The night of December 31st is a time to dream; it's a time to focus on the positive and the world of possibilities ahead. Above all, it's a time to join with friends and eat, drink, dance and have fun. January is named for the Roman god Janus, the two-headed god of beginnings and endings, the god of doors, who stands on the threshold of the year looking forward and back. So, however you are planning to greet 2011,  here's a round-up of images of the fizz and festivities that filled the streets of Europe last year. As the chimes of Big Ben welcome in the year, we'll raise our glasses in greeting and wish you Prosit neujahr, Bonne annee, Head uut aastat!, Felice anno nuovo, Feliç any nou, Feliz año nuevo... However you want to say it, the wish is the same: Happy New Year!

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