Las Casitas del Colca: 'little houses' with spectacular views

Las Casitas del Colca is perfectly located for excursions around the marvellous volcanic scenery of the Colca Valley, one of the deepest canyons in the world. And you may even get to see the legendary condor.

Las Casitas del Colca offers the most luxurious accommodation in the region: a score of  stylish casitas – 'little houses' – individual cottages, each with spacious lounge area and bathroom, underfloor heating, private terrace and heated plunge pool. And all perfectly located to admire the stunning scenery of this unspoiled area of Peru.

The setting is a haven of peace and tranquility and the accommodation is all in keeping with the surrounding landscape. There are one-bedroomed cottages and 'combined' (two individuals linked by a lobby, perfect for families or groups) as well as Valley View accommodation which, as the name suggests offers unobstructed views out over the Colca Valley. Finally, there's the Presidential Casita, which is larger than the others, and boasts a glass ceiling to the bathroom allowing you to indulge in star gazing while you relax in the bath.

The valley is dotted with picturesque historical towns such as Chivay and Yanque, rustic villages with adobe houses and old Dominican churches, dirt tracks along which the llama caravans would make their way from the high plains down to the Pacific, and markets in which the Cabana and Collagua women sell had-made textiles and crafts.

At Las Casitas del Colca, the fragrant scent of eucalyptus trees welcomes guests to the Samay Spa – the name means 'rest' in the ancient Inca language. The spa is an area of peace and tranquillity inspired by Inca traditions and offers treatments – ranging from beauty treatments to a massage to reduce the effects of altitude sickness – using indigenous products from the Colca Valley and the high plains.

The activities are included in the all-in price at the resort, which allows guests to get the most out of their stay, and enjoy to the full the beauty of the Colca Canyon. There are trips up to the Cruz del Condor, one of the most likely places to spot the rare Andean condor, horse trekking through the winding trails of the canyon, and cycling tours to the local beauty spots. And for those who wish to relax at the resort itself, you can fish for your own dinner in the trout ponds, take painting classes or attend Andean cookery classes.

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