The thousand faces of Andalusia

In southern Spain, in the region of Andalusia, continents meet and cultures mix and blend; here life is lived with passion under a brilliant sun. Our photo gallery will give you a glimpse of this multi-faceted land.

The birthplace of great artists such as Picasso and Velazquez, the bridge between Africa and Europe, the point where the waters of the Atlantic mix with those of the Mediterranean: Andalusia is a land with a wealth of natural, historical and cultural heritage. Beyond the typical sunshine, blue waters and sandy beaches of the Spanish costa lies a natural world of contrasts: mountains, desert, wetlands, and snowy peaks. There are pretty white-washed villages, UNESCO World Heritage cities, and the stunning Arabian legacy of monumental art that enriches the landscape of Spain. A rich and varied cuisine flavours the folk customs, traditions and fiestas, and there's a magic and passion that have drawn travellers and inspired artists and writers down through the ages. Let our photos inspire you, too.

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