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Perivolas, a place to unwind

Staying at the Perivolas Hotel, on the beautiful Greek island of Santorini, is the next best thing to being in paradise. Nothing can compare to the marvellous sunsets viewed from the infinity pool of this relaxed and relaxing retreat.

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The island of Santorini is the largest of the islands of the Santorini archipelago and was formed as the result of the biggest volcanic eruption in recorded history, said by some to be the source of the legend of Atlantis. It is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world and the small white-walled towns under the blue sky of the Med provide an idyllic setting.

Originally built as a family home, Perivolas still retains the personal and intimate atmosphere of a private residence. The complex of thoroughly modernised Mediterranean-style cave homes that comprise the retreat are all individually designed, each with its own terrace and with interiors crafted by local artisans using the traditional materials of the area.

White walls of carved stone, natural shapes and forms, smooth surfaces and vaulted ceilings pierced by skylights that let the light pour in... everything contributes to the peace and tranquillity of the place. Nothing is superfluous and yet nothing has been overlooked. It's the perfect place to unwind, to read, to recoup energy and recharge batteries, to relax, to sleep, to rest and to dream... particularly to dream.

The villas' privacy is ensured by the surrounding trees, but perhaps the most secluded and relaxing place is the spectacular infinity pool that flows into the Aegean Sea. The pool has graced the covers of some of the most prestigious international travel magazines and offers the perfect vantage point to witness the spectacular Mediterranean sunset.

The state-of-the-art Wellness Studio boasts a variety of settings in which to relax and refresh body and soul, including the outdoor jacuzzi, which overlooks the volcano. In the restaurant, the spa and throughout the hotel, the focus is on fine quality and service with unaffected simplicity.

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