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Adrenaline rush in Pamplona

Since Ernest Hemingway featured 'the running of the bulls' in two of his novels, people from around the world have converged on the northern Spanish city in July for the annual San Fermin festival.

Mention the Spanish town of Pamplona and the chances are someone will bring up the running of the bulls. Blame Ernest Hemingway, who featured the Basque festival in two novels The Sun Also Rises and Death in the Afternoon, prompting the brave and the foolhardy to take part ever since. People now travel from all over the world each year to try to outrun the bulls.The famous fiesta kicks off in early July with the chupinazo. This involves the mayor lighting a firework to signal the official start to the party, and the crowd go wild. Originally celebrated on the feast day of San Fermin - July 7th - the festival now runs for nine days. Participants traditionally dress in white trousers and shirts, with red bandanas tied around their necks and waists.

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