Puerto Vallarta, a Pacific paradise

A mystic city with roots stretching far back into ancient history, Puerto Vallarta is also a thriving modern tourist destination offering sandy beaches, fine cuisine, a rich variety of sports and adventure activities, and a wealth of ecological experiences.

Archaeological evidence suggests that the area was settled two and a half thousand years ago, but it's only since the Sixties that Puerto Vallarta has become more widely known outside Mexico. Famed for its natural beauty, for its sheltered beaches, its mysticism and cultural heritage, as a place full of colours, flavours, scents, legends and dreams, Puerto Vallarta has been described as the  world's friendliest city. Now one of the top tourist destinations in Mexico, P.V. was first thrust to international fame when it became the setting for the romance between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton during the 1963 filming of Night of the Iguana. Located on the Bay of Banderas on Mexico's Pacific Coast, at the border between the states of Jalisco and Nayarit, it offers a perfect window to the essence of this beautiful country.

Photos: © Mexican Tourism Board (CPTM) Image Bank / photographer Ricardo Espinosa Orozco

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