Hong Kong, where occident and orient mix and blend

It's Hong Kong's mixture of tradition and modernity, the way in which the past, the present and the future live interwoven with each other, which makes this cosmopolitan Asian city so amazing. If you can't visit for yourself, our photo gallery will put you in the picture.

There are many great views of the cosmopolis of Hong Kong: looking down on it as it spreads out before you as you stand at the top of Victoria Peak, peering over the edge as you sip a cocktail on one of the ultra-modern high-rise terraces, or watching from a boat at sunset as the endless, state-of-the-art towers rise to touch the sky and plunge, reflected in the waters of Victoria Harbour. These dizzying skyscrapers are the best-known image of Hong Kong and the city's Central District, symbol of its status as a world financial centre. They stand in stark contrast to the traditional food stalls, the street markets, the temples with their statues of Buddha and the ever present principles of feng shui. These are the strands of the net that is woven through this city, which, over a decade ago gave up its status as a British colony to join China. Whether it's the west caught in a web of the east, or the oriental web that is pulled by its occidental catch, depends on how you look at it. Either way, the two are inseparable.

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