Costa Rica: a rainbow in shades of green

In this land covered in vast natural parks, ecological reserves and rainforests, with volcanoes and spectacular beaches, Mother Nature is the undisputed star, and green is the ubiquitous colour. Take a look at our photo gallery and marvel at just how many shades of green there are in the Costa Rican landscape.

That fact that 25% of Costa Rica is classified as a protected area – a proportion no other country can boast – says a lot about the country's wealth of flora and fauna and the generosity of Mother Nature. And fortunately for the world, the inhabitants have had the sense to preserve this wildlife treasure trove. To witness the green sea turtles spawning in Tortuguero National Park, to walk through the dense rainforest of Manuel Antonio National Park, to watch as incandescent lava drips from the crater of the Arenal volcano while you bathe in the hot springs that flow at the foot of this magnificent giant, to glimpse the jewelled brightness of the legendary quetzal as it flashes through the air in the Monteverde Reserve, to swing in an aerial tram through the tree canopy, to dive off the beaches of Guanacaste... there are so many thrilling, unforgettable experiences awaiting in this land that stretches between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea in the heart of Central America.  Once you've seen the photos, will you be able to resist discovering this paradise for yourself?

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