Europe's spectacular natural heritage

UNESCO World Heritage Sites aren't all about man-made monuments: they include lakes, mountains, glaciers, forests, valleys and volcanoes, all of them magnificent in their own way. Here we invite you to take a photo tour of some of the most spectacular natural sights across Europe.

Dramatic mountains – the vast Durmitor massif in the eponymous national park in northwestern Montenegro, the volcanic mass of Mount Teide, and the dramatic Dolomites in the Italian Alps where green wooded valleys and meadows are set off agains the bare rocks of the mountains; ancient forests and woodlands – the laurisilva of Madeira, the beech woods of the Carpathians and the primal forest of Poland; fantastic rock formations and sculptures carved by the elements and the slow movement of the earth's crust; areas of rivers, lakes and waterfalls... All the vast range of geological and natural scenery and the enormous biodiversity of flora and fauna that it supports is reason to celebrate Europe's natural heritage. Here we have a selection of photos of some of the places classed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

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