Autumn colours in Kyoto

Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, tea houses where geisha and maiko welcome customers, beautiful Japanese gardens, kaiseki cuisine, and respect of tradition and for culture heritage are just a few of the attractions of the city of Kyoto. Check out our photo gallery and discover the quintessence of Japanese beauty.

Recently the readers of U.S. magazine Conde Nast Traveler name Kyoto the best Asian city, ahead of Bangkok and Hong Kong in a survey whose result pays tribute to the time-honoured cultural wealth of the the city and to the efforts to maintain the beauty of the cityscape and sustain the traditional culture in the twenty-first century. There are fifteen cities in Kyoto prefecture, of which Kyoto is the capital. Now, in autumn, when the former imperial capital of Japan is flushed with the reds and russet hues of the changing season Kyoto shows one of its most attractive sides to visitors. 

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