Antarctic adventure

The remote white limits of the globe have always acted as a magnet for intrepid explorers. Here we invite you to journey to the hypnotic world of snow and ice through our picture gallery: join us on a voyage of discovery of Antarctica from the comfort of your computer.

Sail across seas of crystal cold to frozen lands where peace reigns supreme in vast polar expanses. Leave the modern world behind and disconnect as you embark on a cruise to the planet's least explored continent. Few places hide such beauty as this as virgin territory, so remote, and so unlike the green and brown landscapes we are familiar with. Antarctic XXI's cruise ship, the Ocean Nova, will take you on an unforgettable journey, sailing between majestic ice bergs in a world of white. Here, the penguins pay no attention to visiting humans, and seals appear and disappear as if by magic. This expedition to the white continent is the ultimate dream of every adventurer.

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