It all began in Nazareth

It all began in Nazareth, where Gabriel appeared to Mary, but there are other places, too, throughout the Holy Land, that figure in the original Christmas story. Here, we show you some of the sites that lie at the very root of the modern-day celebrations.

From Nazareth where the Archangel Gabriel appeared to Mary with the very first “Ave Maria" – “Hail Mary, full of grace” – to Bethlehem where the baby was born; Ein Kerem where Mary's kinsfolk Elizabeth and Zechariah became parents to John the Baptist, and the River Jordan where John baptised Jesus at the start of his ministry... the locations that are named and described in the Christian story are more than simply words in a book. The places are real, and can be visited in the Holy Land. What's more, centuries of tradition locate the specific sites of the Christmas story – the manger where the baby was laid wrapped in swaddling clothes, the house where Mary lived as a chid and where the angel spoke to her...

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