Luxury ahoy! - the ultimate in superyachts

If you're simply a millionaire, don't get your hopes up... this is still way out of your league; you're definitely going to need to be some kind of a hyper-millionaire to be in the running for one of these incredible superyachts. 'Boat' seems a terribly mundane word to use for something quite so spectacular, but that's what they are; specifically, the three most luxurious boats in the world. A little more accurately, that's what they will be, as, at the moment, they are still at the design stage.

The first of these magnificent yachts is called The Streets of Monaco, a luxury 155-metre vessel with capacity for 16 passengers and 70 crew. The name is completely accurate, as the design recreates the centre of the capital of the tiny principality of Monaco, where the annual Formula 1 Grand Prix takes place. The floating city includes an imitation of the Prince's Palace, a swimming pool, jacuzzi, casino, spa, cinema and the Grand Prix circuit which here is actually a kart track. The second superyacht is theTropical Island Paradise. Floating islands have featured in literature as far back as Homer's Odyssey, but even in fiction it would be hard to find quite such a well-designed miniature paradise. Nothing has been overlooked: on the 99-metre vessel, there's a lake, spa, beach and waterfalls... there's even a volcano, though, if it ever actually erupts, it seems far more likely to spew out gold nuggets than lava.  While these two exclusive yachts appear to break the design mould, the third vessel, Utopia, pushes the envelope even farther. No longer constrained by the idea of a yacht as a means of transport, its 100-metre diameter platform structure has the capacity of a present-day cruise liner spread over 11 decks.

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