Copenhagen: one of Europe's coolest, greenest cities

The charming capital of Denmark is a metropolis easily explored on foot. It brings together the old town, littered with history, with the most daring of modern architecture, providing a framework for a vibrant cultural buzz. Check out this photo gallery and see what's waiting for you.

The longest pedestrian street in Europe, Strøget, winds through the city centre with shops of world-renowned Danish design, fashion and much more. In its squares and along its fascinating canals you'll find cafes and restaurants, while in the neighbourhoods Nørrebro, Vesterbro and Østerbro that surround the city centre, come the very latest trends.

One of the greenest cities in the world, with more bikes than cars, Copenhagen has a first class cultural life and serves as the culinary capital of Scandinavia. And despite all this, its neighbours retain a bohemian air that reaches the Freetown Christiania district, a world away in this stylish, cosmopolitan city that boasts the likes of its favorite adopted son, Hans Christian Andersen, the world-famous fairy-tale writer.