Adrenaline adventures to get your pulse racing

If you're searching for a unique and fun way to enjoy the great outdoors this summer, head out on an adventure and kick-start your adrenaline.  

Possibilities for heady adventures range from the relatively tame to the exhilaratingly extreme. Tackling rapids during a white water rafting trip in the Chilean Patagonia, hitting the surf on Australia's Gold Coast and bracing yourself for the harsh climes on a South Pole expedition are all experiences that are sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

More relaxing options exist too – the fun factor remains high but the pace is more leisurely. Hop on a graceful Arab steed for a gentle horse ride in the Turkish hills, admire the views from a hot air balloon as you soar to great heights Down Under or float along Botswana's waterways on a boat safari.