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A Cuban adventure in the pearl of the Caribbean

When Christopher Colombus reached Cuba in 1492 he proclaimed it was 'the most beautiful land that human eyes have ever seen' – and he was right.

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Take in the colourful and sublime views of the Havana with a drive along the Malecon, or route through the fertile fields of coffee and cocoa plantations surrounding Baracoa.Enjoy a swim in the turquoise waters of the beaches of Varadero and spend a day diving in the natural bay of Cienfuegos. But don't forget to take a look at the Caribbean's highest waterfall deep in the Escambray Mountains.Away from the countryside, explore the colonial architecture of cities like Trinidad. These parts of Cuba are so friendly and engaging you'll find it difficult not to be swept up by the Caribbean rhythms, authentic mojitos and daiquiris in the place where Ernest Hemingway left his mark.

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