Most exotic celeb hot-spots visited in 2012

With film premieres beckoning and concert tours at every given moment, it's only natural that celebrities of A-List credential have needed to call time out on their jam-packed schedules for a touch of rest and relaxation in top destinations.

And what better way to escape it all than cruising the crystalline shores and endless beaches, or wandering the city streets of the world's most exquisite lands.

Stopping off at five-star resorts, pampering and preening on spa breaks and exploring nature's infinite wonders in the height of luxury are just the ordinary requisites of the likes of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Tom Cruise, Rihanna and Prince Harry.

But with so many breathtaking holiday spots explored, from canoeing in South East Asia to koala hugging in Australia, Greek beaches to Italian rustic feasts, which celebrity destination of 2012 triumphed above all? View the gallery for a closer look at this year's best locations to date....