Make Morocco top of your 2013 travel list

From the souks selling slippers in Marrakesh to the spices of Istanbul, a visit to the market is a mesmerising cultural experience, perfect for the first trip of the year. 

Wander the maze-like streets of Morocco's medinas and take in the lively atmosphere of the many market stands heaving with excitable tourists and locals hawking their hand-made crafts. Test your haggling skills when contemplating the purchase of carpets and leather goods or take in the powerful aroma of herbs and scented candles.

The word souk means a 'big mess', and this is often very much the case. But the electric energy of a Moroccan market makes the experience all the more atmospheric. From the sound of a snake charmer's flute to the dancing musicians in the main square, discover the markets of Fez, Tiznit and Marrakesh located in the north of Africa.