Winter wonderland in the city: Cosmopolitan sights transformed

Heavy snowfall has blanketed all of Britain and beyond over the past few days. Hushed into stillness, the backdrop of rain has subsided, leaving a white winter wonderland in the world's brightest cities.

And while these weather extremes can instill a sense of tranquility – from the peaceful parks to the secluded city streets – travel chaos has struck out all over the world as a result. Cities have experienced everything from grounded planes, Eurostar mayhem to gridlocked motorways.

But if you take just a moment to admire the scenic views and transformed sights, it’s hard not to be taken aback by the natural beauty of these snow-sprinkled cities. From magical symbolic landmarks in Paris to snowballs flying in London's Hyde Park, view the gallery below for snow-filled images over the years in the likes of Rome, Beijing, Amsterdam and New York.