How to travel on a budget

It can be difficult to visit new places if you don't have a huge amount of disposable income. But travel can be affordable, if you plan and take time to seek cheaper options. Here are our some of our top tips...


Flying can be the most expensive part of your trip, so make sure you really shop around for the cheapest possible options. Using an innovative flight search, has some of the best flight deals and is your ultimate penny-saving travel tool.


Airbnb allows users to reserve either a room in a private apartment or a whole apartment directly through someone who lives there and is local to the place you're visiting. Especially if you're going in a group, it's very cost-effective and usually involves more amenities than a hostel or hotel (you can often cook your own food or wash your laundry).

You also have the benefit of staying in a neighbourhood, rather than a touristy area, and you may well receive top tips from your host.


Travel guides offer insider tips, recommendations and ways to get off the beaten – and invariably more expensive – track. Check out Marco Polo guides – they featured a street atlas, a separate pull-out map and personal recommendations.

Personal guide

Greeters – local volunteers who show people around for free – have become commonplace in cities across the world. Check out to find greeters in the world's biggest cities.

Enter competitions

This might sound like a long shot, but there are tons of travel competitions out there with incredible prizes up for grabs – it's worth a go!