This genius storage hack guide has become the most popular Facebook video of all time

Will you be trying any of these innovative storage tips?

A video showing seven genius organisational hacks has become the most viewed Facebook video of all time, clocking up over 344 million views since it was uploaded in May – and you have to watch it if you haven't already. Created by parenting page Blossom, the short video shows clever and creative ways of storing clothes that will transform your wardrobe.

It includes a way of folding underwear so it can be stored and pulled out of a baby wipes container, and using strips of felt to create an organiser for socks, meaning you should never end up with lost or odd socks again. Other hacks show a speedy method of folding T-shirts, and the best method of folding a jumper around a clothes hanger to avoid stretching the fabric.

This is the most viewed Facebook video of all time

Struggling for space in your wardrobe? There's a tip for that, too. Simply use the pull-tab of a drinks can to attach extra tiers of clothes hangers, all without cluttering up your wardrobe. Meanwhile if you're fed up of clothes slipping off hangers and ending up in a pile at the bottom of your wardrobe, you can attach elastic bands to each end of the hanger to keep items in place.

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The video has been viewed close to 350 million times since it was added to Facebook in May, with hundreds of thousands of comments from viewers who are amazed at how simple but effective some of the tips are. However many have admitted they are still struggling to master the T-shirt folding technique. "I have watched this too many times to announce due to embarrassment and cannot for the life of me figure out that shirt folding pulley system," one commented. Another added: "Ok, that shirt folding trick looks like pure witchcraft!"

What are your favourite tidying or home organisation tips?