Coronavirus: Living in lockdown - what it's really like

Boris Johnson has ordered UK residents to stay at home due to Covid-19

Boris Johnson has ordered the UK public that they must stay at home - following Spain and France whose countries are already in lockdown. While the reality of living for at least three weeks in these very confined situations seems almost unimaginable, those in Madrid are already in week two of their own lockdown scenario. 

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WATCH: What's it's really like living in lockdown

Isabella Peñaranda, who works for HELLO! in the Spanish capital, has been documenting her experience of living under lockdown via a video diary - the first of which was published last week. Today, as she embarks on her second week living alone, under strict rules to only go out to shop for essential supplies, she explains how things are going and invites us into her new daily life.

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Isabella takes us on a supermarket trip, and attends her sister's baby scan for her unborn twins - at least via WhatApp. Watch the video above.