Pet-friendly holidays: the best getaways for animal lovers

In partnership with Petplan

We all look forward to holidays, but for pet owners they can be a bit of a double-edged sword. If you want to take your pet with you, it can add all sorts of logistical problems to the fun of holiday planning. If you are going away without your pet you have to figure out where he or she will go for the duration (and how much that will cost) – not to mention worry about how much you’re both going to miss each other! The great news for pet owners is that holiday firms are wising up to the fact that many of their potential clients have a best friend or two, who they’d much rather bring with them on holiday than leave at home - and that these pets, and their owners, deserve the best!

To take the stress out of your future holiday planning, we’ve compiled this guide to the best pet-friendly vacation destinations. So whether it’s a fancy hotel in Europe, a country lodge in Devon or an entire dog-friendly island for your favourite furry friend, there’s a perfect holiday spot for you. Even better news – unexpected veterinary fees are covered as standard by Petplan’s Covered for Life® dog and cat policies including up to 90 days in European Union member States and Territories which are included in the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) so you’ve nothing left to worry about.


Dog and cat heaven in Devon

The Cary arms is located on the stunning Babbacome Beach in Devon – a perfect mix between a cosy English pub and an up-market luxury boutique hotel. Dog or cat beds are provided, along with treats, food bowls and home-cooked meals such as home-made beef, chicken or couscous with gravy. If you’re travelling with a cat, just remember to bring your own litter tray.


Dining with your kitty in Scotland

The Dryburgh Abbey Hotel is a majestic country house hotel along the Scottish borders – and your cat is more than welcome to come too. If your cat likes walking on a harness and lead, you can explore all ten-acres and staff will be pleased to offer as many strokes as your cat will allow – in exchange for a few purrs of course. 


A Cornish doggie dream

Cornwall’s stunning Budock Vean hotel on the Helford River in Cornwall is a luxurious break for you and your four-legged friends. Doggie pals are welcome in all standard and superior rooms and there’s even a woodland exercise area where they can have a fantastic run off the lead. The coastal paths, coves and beaches all around are perfect for a day out with your pal - and the on-site spa provides massages at the end of the day for owners’ tired legs!


An island break for you and your dog

The Isle of Wight prides itself on being a dog-friendly island, so much so that canines can travel for free on ferries to the island with car or foot passengers alike. Trains and buses on the island will also welcome well-behaved dogs on board for free and there’s a whole array of cottages, hotels and bed & breakfasts, actively welcoming dogs, available on the island’s official tourism website.


Take your bunnies abroad

Yes, that’s right - you can take your bunny (or cat or dog – or even hamster) on holiday with you if you fly with the right airline. FinnAir is one such airline which flies all over Europe and the rest of the world. Krakow in Poland is a fabulous destination and the Sheraton Grand is very happy to take small house pets if you fancy experiencing a bit of high end Central European hospitality with your little friend.


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