Barack Obama sparks major reaction with his favourite songs of 2020

Obama gained serious cool points with his top 30 list

Barack Obama shared a candid post revealing his favourite songs of 2020 on Saturday, leaving his fans in shock at his "impeccable" music taste. The former US President admitted he had compiled the list with the help of daughter Sasha – and his number one spot was certainly unexpected.

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The 59-year-old star shared his top 30 picks, which included the likes of Mac Miller, Dua Lipa and Travis Scott, as well as few more predictable choices like Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan.

But it was his number one place on the list that left fans "shook" – the 'Savage Remix' by Megan Thee Stallion featuring Beyoncé.  

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Obama said: "Here are some of my favorite songs of the year. As usual, I had some valuable consultation from our family music guru, Sasha, to put this together. I hope you find a new song or two to listen to."

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Fans were delighted by his music taste, especially his love for the song that was all over TikTok during lockdown. One wrote, "Even Obama knows his Megan", while another shared, "The taste. The flavor. Immaculate."

Obama's "impeccable" music taste surprised fans 

A third fan posted: "Why does Obama have a much more fire playlist than me", while a fourth joked, "Come on, we all know you’ve been listening to WAP".

Obama also shared his favourite books and TV shows of 2020 – and we bet fans will be rushing to discover them immediately.

Barack and Michelle Obama live with daughters Malia and Sasha

The surprising revelation comes after Obama shared a few snippets into his home set-up during the coronavirus pandemic, explaining his daughter Malia's British boyfriend haS moved into their family home.

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While it may be daunting to have the former President and First Lady as your roommates, the 22-year-old's boyfriend, Rory Farquharson, received a glowing review from the Obamas.

Barack said youngest daughter Sasha helped him with the list 

"He’s British, wonderful young man, and he was sort of stuck because there was a whole visa thing, and he had a job set up," Barack shared on The Bill Simmons Podcast on Thursday, adding that he stayed with their family "for a while".

Joking about the amount of food it took to feed the young man, Barack added: "We took him in, and I didn’t want to like him, but he’s a good kid. The only thing you discover — [and] this is not a surprise to you, Bill, because you’ve got a son — young men eat. It’s weird to watch them consume food. My grocery bill went up about 30 per cent."

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