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Keep your looks long-lasting for Christmas

Top tips for budge-proof beauty – just like Nigella's

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What with all that kissing under the mistletoe, socialising and entertaining, never mind the time spent getting Christmas dinner ready in a hot kitchen, make-up has its work cut out trying to stay put over the festive season. Not that it's something Nigella ever seems to have to worry about as she licks her fingers through entire dinner parties' worth of catering without so much as smearing her lipstick. So here are our top tips for a smudge-proof, budge-proof beauty routine that will carry you through the festivities looking as bright and cheerful as the queen of Christmas herself…

  • Apply foundation on to dry skin – it takes about half an hour for skin to cool and stop perspiring after bathing and about the same time for moisturiser to sink in. If you use foundation too soon after either, it will grip to the moisture rather than the skin and won't last the day.
  • Use a little concealer all over your eyelids, too, to keep eyeshadow in place and make it less likely to crease.
  • For kiss-proof lips, lipstick will last much longer than gloss. It's an old trick, but it's the best – apply one layer of colour then blot with a piece of tissue and apply again. The second layer will grab on to the first to last longer.
  • Finish with a quick swish of powder to 'set' your make-up and help absorb oiliness during the day so that it all stays in place for as long as possible. Use a big brush and tap off excess powder before making contact with the skin to avoid powder settling into - and emphasising - lines.

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