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The top 5 Interior design trends of 2023 predicted

Get ready for Y2K Aesthetics and Mermaidcore interiors

Natalie Salmon
Natalie SalmonFashion Digital Editor
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 A new year signifies a time of renewal and of course, it’s the perfect time for an interiors update. With 2023 just around the corner, there is of course plenty of new fashion trends to keep our eye on but equally important is the new wave of interior design trends are set to rise to prominence. With interiors taking just as much of a important place on our Instagram feeds as our outfits, it’s important to make sure we know what the upcoming aesthetics are for our homes.

Whether you’re looking to transform your property in 2023 or just do a few minor changes, with the right inspiration you may end up falling in love with a style you had never considered before... So, what exactly are the interior design trends that are set to dominate in 2023? Casa Bella has found five of the most exciting upcoming interior design trends using data from Google Trends and TikTok.

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5 Interior design trends to look out for in 2023:


If you’ve been binge watching The Crown and Bridgerton have found yourself envious of the principal characters homes, this is the interior trend for you. Also known as regalcore or regencycore, this is one of the most indulgent and extravagant trends we’ll likely see in 2023. One of Instagram’s biggest advocates is tablescaping expert Alice Naylor-Leyland. “The opulent trend is full of intricate detailing, with gold accents, Persian-style rugs, fine china, dark wood furniture, and plush fabrics like velvet,” explains Casa Bella. Royalcore is rising in popularity across the internet, but is particularly taking TikTok by storm, with #royalcore standing at a staggering 406 million views.

The emergence of this style is no doubt inspired by the popularity of cluttercore and maximalism, the latter of which peaked in 2020 according to Google Trends data. "This style has no doubt been inspired by our viewing habits over the past year or so," explains Casa Bella. We can clearly see this design trend in the second series of modern period drama Bridgerton, which viewers saw 193 million hours of in the premiere weekend alone according to Forbes. But while you may initially associate the trend with TV shows and period dramas it can actually be seen in shows with more modern settings too. Programmes like And Just Like That and Emily in Paris feature luxurious designer interiors which fit in perfectly with the royalcore aesthetic.


Mermaidcore is cheerful aesthetic, making it the perfect style for brightening your home up with this winter. It started life as a fashion and beauty trend, (perhaps influenced by the upcoming live-action remake of The Little Mermaid starring Halle Bailey.) The style is dominated by shell patterns and light pink and blue eye makeup, so naturally we’re also starting to see it come to prominence in our interiors too. 

"On TikTok, #mermaidcore already has 19.1 million views. This trend is inspired by the ocean and the coast, so if you want to recreate it in your own home these should be your muses," explains Casa Bella, "As it’s inspired by the sea, shades of blue are an absolute must for this look. And you can complete the trend with a refreshing ocean scented candle."

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Pastel colours and sage green in particular is a popular shade expected to do well in 2023, with Google trends data showing it as on the rise yet again. On top of this, #sagegreen has a whopping 299 million views on TikTok. “This pastel colour pairs perfectly with pale pink, which also happens to be rising in popularity in interiors related searches on Google,” explains Casa Bella. 

The great thing about this trend is how versatile it can be. Pastel shades can work well with both light and dark furnishings, making this the perfect way to update your space without splashing out on full redecoration. You can try this trend out yourself by decorating with sage green paint and complementing your new walls with pale pink soft furnishings and décor.

Mid-Century Modern 

As popularised by the indulgent interiors of artsy member’s club Soho House, retro interiors have been popular for a while now, with 1970s interior design dominating since 2020. The popularity of this decade has influenced many of those interested in redecorating to take inspiration from other retro trends too, most prominently the mid-century modern style. As the name suggests, this design movement was popular in the mid 19th century, running from the 1940s through to the 60s.

On TikTok, #midcenturymodern has an impressive 536 million total views, and data shows that searches for mid-century modern on Google are on the rise. "This trend is both bold and functional. In mid-century modern design, every piece of furniture has a purpose, yet the colour palette includes a range of bright shades like oranges and reds," explains Casa Bella, "However, the wide palette range also includes earthy neutral tones to strike the perfect balance." The style also includes a mixture of natural materials, like wood, with manmade materials such as plastic. As this trend is all about function, it’s a good idea to opt for durable pieces if you’re looking to incorporate it in your own home.

Y2K Interiors

The Y2K aesthetic has exploded in popularity over the past 12 months, with Google search data showing a sharp rise in searches for the trend. While it first emerged in fashion choices, the style is now becoming popular in interiors too. Under the #y2kaesthetic tag on TikTok — which has a staggering 1.7 billion views — we don’t just see makeup and hairstyle inspiration, but Y2K home furnishings too. In fact,  #y2kdecor alone has 7.1 million views. It makes sense that this 00s inspired trend has risen in popularity, as it’s essentially a predecessor of the 90s trend which peaked in 2019.

"This colourful and flashy style is incredibly fun, and the perfect way to add a little character to your home," says Casa Bella, "It will feel like you’re stepping back in time with this trend which brings us all the best bits of noughties interiors, with inflatable furniture, lava lamps, and incredibly comfortable and cosy bean bag chairs."

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