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Guy Ritchie proves big hit with the ladies as he wines and dines another blonde beauty

23 APRIL 2010

The big smile on his face said it all.

After stepping out with a Slovakian supermodel last week, Guy Ritchie has been spotted with yet another beautiful blonde on his arm.

The eligible film director, who split from Madonna in October 2008, was seen enjoyed an evening in London with his new companion before the pair jumped in the back of a black cab.


Guy's new friend has been identified as 28-year-old model, Jacqui Ainsley – a former girlfriend of Pop Idol's Darius, who has appeared in advertising campaigns for Lynx and Samsung.

Dressed in jeans and a blazer, Jacqui – whose looks are drawing comparisons to Madonna by some commentators - was evidently very taken with the 41-year-old, and was seen strolling arm in arm with her famous date.


Since his separation from his wife, 41-year-old Guy has been proving very popular with the opposite sex.

He made headlines last week while on a pub-crawl with 21-year-old Michaela Kocianova, whom he directed in a perfume commercial, and he has been enjoying the company of a number of lovely ladies, who reportedly include Elle Macpherson and Jemima Khan.


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