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'Holby City' star Rosie Marcel marries in Las Vegas

08 APRIL 2013

Holby City star Rosie Marcel has married the man who supported her through her darkest hours when she was stalked by a young fan whose harassment drove her to the brink of a breakdown.

The 35-year-old actress, who plays the show's cold-hearted surgeon Jac Naylor, wed gym owner Ben Stacey, 30, in an intimate ceremony at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. "I have always wanted to go to Vegas, so getting married there is a dream come true. We wanted a crazy silly wedding with a bit of showbiz that's all about having fun," the bride told this week's HELLO! magazine.



The couple met when Rosie joined Ben's gym to focus on her fitness. She suffers from a life-threatening condition called Behcet's, in which white cells attack healthy cells.

At the time, she was married to assistant director Scott Bunce and Ben was engaged. But as Rosie's marriage collapsed under the pressure of her stalker's campaign and Ben's relationship also broke down, the friendship that had developed between them turned to love.


HELLO! Magazine.

In her wedding speech to her husband, the actress thanked Ben for bringing her back to life and restoring her confidence.  "I thanked him for that and for loving me so much," she told HELLO!

For the full interview and wedding report, read this week's HELLO! Magazine, issue 1272, out now!


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