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Cooking up a storm with a souffle lesson

03 JULY 2011 You don't become a top flight search and rescue pilot without having a competitive side.

And it seems Prince William, a Sea King helicopter operator, found it hard to leave his behind – even in a cooking class.

On his tour of Canada with the Duchess of Cambridge, the royal participated in what he described as a 'souffle-off' with Quebec's Premier Jean Charest.

The Prince was invited to try his hand at making a lobster souffle at the Institut de tourisme et d’hotellerie du Quebec, a top chef school.

Comparing his effort with the politician's, he boasted: "Much better! This one is mine."

William, who donned chef's whites for the culinary test, went on to tease his host with a terrible pun.

"If you could rise to the challenge that would be great," he told him.



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