Caring 'Dr Carey' keeps a strict eye on Nick's diet following health scare

Since her husband was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease, Mariah Carey has been taking extra special care of him.

So much so, Nick Cannon has taken to calling his other half "Doctor Carey".

"She made me an egg-white sandwich before I left the house this morning,' Nick told a Good Morning America host this week.

"Those are the things I have to be eating now, no more bacon. She takes care of me, makes sure I'm eating what I'm supposed to be."

Nick has had to make big changes to his lifestyle and diet after doctors discovered he was suffering from a rare form of lupus.

"The technical term is lupus nephritis. It's a rare form of lupus that's just attacking my kidneys," he explained.

"They thought it was just kidney disease and then they were trying to figure out why my immune system was attacking my kidneys and that was sort of the root of it all.

"A lot of people have passed away from that, and the doctor said, luckily I was in such great shape and taking care of myself, because a lot of people have been taken down by it."

Now the America's Got Talent judge makes sure he gets at least six hours of sleep a night - when he was previously surviving on just two or three.

And he is banned from eating fast food. "No happy meals - I'm sad," he says.

Nick was rushed to hospital earlier this year when the trouble began with his kidneys. He said that his children – ten-month-old twins Moroccan and Monroe - were a huge motivation for him to recover.

"You want to be there for your children. In the hospital bed that was the first thing that came to my mind. I want to be there for my children," he said.