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Brad Pitt's brother Doug levels the playing field in spoof ad

doug pitt screen
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The latest internet video sensation stars one of Hollywood's most bankable names. But closer inspection of the leading man's chiselled jaw, sparkling eyes and lilting U.S drawl reveals not Brad Pitt , but his little brother Doug, working the cameras.


The lesser known Pitt has now spoken out about his lead in a humorous advert for Virgin Mobile Australia, revealing Brad gave him the thumbs-up for the campaign. "He's been in this game for 25 years and I've never stepped in," he told NBC Today's Matt Lauer in an interview. "But when this came along I did call him and said: 'Whaddya think?' and he said 'Do it! It sounds great.' "  During the clip – which has racked up around 200,000 views – the actor's handsome sibling is given his two minutes of fame as cameras trail him round his anonymous, suburban life. "Unlike his famous brother, Doug Pitt has never been the star of anything. So, Virgin Mobile has decided to make things fairer in the Pitt family," a statement on the site explains.


In reality, the businessman lives with his family in Springfield, Missouri, where he runs a successful computer company. And he hinted that his brother and sister-in-law Angelina Jolie like the quiet life just as much as he does. "I think he does a pretty good job at being normal - for what normal is to he and Angie. They do a great job shutting out the noise to some degree." The boys' mother Jane also recently made headlines for voicing political views that clashed rather markedly from Brad's – who, along with Angelina, is a vocal liberal.In a letter to her local newspaper, the Pitt family matriarch questioned President Obama's policies on same-sex marriage. But Doug played down the incident, saying: "I think mums and dads and kids agree to disagree all over the world, so why would our family be any different?".

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