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The best of the baddies who have shaken and stirred James Bond

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The makers of Facebook film, The Social Network, told it like it is: "You don't get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies."On a slightly smaller scale, the equally beguiling James Bond phenomenon can make the same claim. 007 celebrates 50 years on screen in 2012 and along the way, he has accrued an ever-growing list of adversaries. Some tall, some small, some male, some female, but in the end they all get their comeuppance.This time round - for new film Skyfall - the über-baddie is played by a sinister-looking, blonde-haired Javier Bardem.


But Ian Fleming's wickedly successful franchise has seen a roll call of weird and wonderful 'baddies'. Metal-fingered Dr. Julias No set a dastardly tone back in 1962 and his fellow steel lover Jaws also had plenty of bite. Not as imposing, but equally cunning, was heavyset bowler-hat assassin Oddjob, stalking Bond with his lethal head wear.From Russia With Love brought Rosa Klebb – one of the few women not to be taken in by 007. Instead, she was more concerned with showing off her knife-tipped shoes. Overshadowing them all was supernemesis Ernst Stavro Blofeld. The scar-faced tsar appeared in six different films, plotting world domination and the end of his adversary, all the while showering love on his furry white cat. In celebration of a half-century of Bond heroics and the impending release of the latest film in the series, we take a look back at the best baddies who have squared up to the debonair MI6 agent.

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