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Helen and Nadine put up pitiful bushtucker burial on 'I'm A Celebrity'

nadine dorries
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Helen Flanagan was far from inspired by her Bushtucker trial, lasting a mere four seconds. The former Coronation Street star joined MP Nadine Dorries in the Bug Burial, a task which involved the celebs being secured in a dark coffin whilst a horde of creepy crawlies were introduced to the casket over a ten minute duration.


Neither celebrity experienced the full terror of the task, however, as a bitten Nadine joined a tearful Helen when she screamed "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here!" four minutes later. Describing the event as "the most horrific thing I have ever done in my life", politician Nadine failed to offer Helen any comfort when the tears began once more. During a bitter exchange, Helen whispered to her fellow contestant: "I want to go home." Nadine responded: "Why don't you then?"


The 22-year-old former soap star was better received when she returned to camp. Admitting that she failed to secure any stars, ex-boxer David Haye offered his sympathy and a consolatory hug, and described her efforts as "coming third in a race on sports day". Fellow soap star Charlie Brooks may have jokingly delivered threats to "kick" Helen if she did not win any stars next time, but unleashed her full disappointment on camera to the Bush Telegraph diary report. The star, 31, said: "When she said she lasted ten seconds, I was a bit like - that is a bit pathetic." Although Helen acknowledged that she had let down the team, just 48 hours into the show the actress was desperate to go home. Speaking to the Bush Telegraph, the tearful star said: "I’m really struggling. I’ve even been thinking of going because I just don’t know if I can hack it." Things became a little brighter in Helen's camp once Brian Conley came back successful from the Dingo Dollars challenge. Facing darts champion Eric Bristow, the pair perched on lily pads and competed to catch twenty balls that were catapaulted into the air to then release a tube which contained precious Dingo Dollars, a currency which can buy camp basics for the contestants. As the winner of the competition, Brian opted to purchase five hammocks for his camp to get them a nice night's sleep.


Greeted with a huge hug from Charlie Brooks, the star joked: "This is not a darts competition - then I wouldn’t stand a chance. Eric Bristow, however, looked downtrodden at the news. He said: "'I’ll have him before it’s over, he’s on my list!" Made In Chelsea star Hugo Taylor seemed the most despondent at the news. The reality star said: "I can’t bear losing one more time. I really, really want us to win tomorrow now." Nadine and Helen will once again take centre stage for the next Bushtucker trial, which is repulsively titled "rotten rhymes."

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