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Mica Paris talks of marriage with her Prussian prince, motherhood and making sweet music

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Soul singer Mica Paris poses for her first photo shoot with her blue-blooded boyfriend Prince Frederick Alexander Von Preussen in this week's HELLO! and the couple exclusively tell how their four-year romance continues to go from strength to strength, despite their different backgrounds and a 15-year age gap.Mica, 43, admits she "nearly collapsed with shock" when 28-year-old Alex, who is 346th in line to the British throne, revealed his noble ancestry, some two months into their relationship.

Mica Paris


"I thought 'Oh for god's sake!' and once again I had this fear," says the singer, who also reveals how the age difference initially "troubled her a lot"."Now when I look back at all the things I used to worry about, it seems quite funny because when something is right, none of those things matter."It took me a good year to 18 months to stop worrying about it. I began to realise the problem was with me; that I was in danger of spoiling something that was so good because of my silly insecurities," she says, describing her relationship with Alex as "the best I've ever had."Referring to his family background, Alex explains that he didn’t deliberately hold back from telling Mica. "It just isn't something my family make a fuss about so it wasn't a big deal to me," says Alex, who is also now Mica's manager. "It's not like it's my trump card! It just is what it is."

HELLO! Magazine

Mica, who's been working on a new album with celebrated writer Rod Temperton, the man behind the Michael Jackson classics Thriller and Off The Wall, says her new romance has been a big source of inspiration for the as yet untitled record."Rod has done what he does, which is to get inside of me and design a record around that, so yes, I guess he's getting what I'm feeling because I am so content in my relationship," says the singer, who reveals it's an album that should "come with a warning sticker"."People will definitely be making babies to this record!" she says.For the full interview, see this week's HELLO! issue 1264, out now! 

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