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Mila Kunis has 'best interview ever' with Radio 1 DJ Chris Stark

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Scroll down for videoChris Stark's awkward interview with Mila Kunis has become a viral sensation.Chatting to the star during her press run of Oz: The Great And The Powerful, the Radio 1 journalist charmed his his way through his interview slot, choosing to chat to the actress about some zany topics, including dates, steak and ale pies, his local pub and his friend 'Sir Dosser'.The interview has been likened to a 'Notting Hill moment' on YouTube, where the Hugh Grant-style chat has been viewed by two million people.


Sent off to interview a Hollywood star on behalf of Scott Mills's Radio 1 show, Chris had no idea who he would be chatting to as Scott put his paltry celebrity knowledge to the test.Frequently asked on the show about big faces in the acting industry, the journalist has struggled to identify the likes of Anne Hathaway and a big string of Oscar award-winners on the show earlier on in the year.Declaring his nerves to the Forgetting Sarah Marshall star, Chris sought assurance from the actress before he began asking her an unconventional series of questions."In the nicest possible way, was it nice to be ugly for a change because normally you’re so hot?" asked Chris in reference to her latest role as the unattractive Thedora, the wicked witch in Oz: The Great And The Powerful."Err, thank you," said the actress, struggling to fight off the giggles.

"I suppose it was nice to use prosthetics and not think about what I looked like all of the time."Journalist Chris quickly went off on a tangent, however, as he began talking about the "lad points" he would receive for speaking to the star.Speaking about his friends, who are known by the humorous monikers Sir Dosser, Chango the Beast and The Convinct, Chris tried to entice Mila into a date at his local pub, followed by a meal at Nando's chicken restaurant and an invite to see his favourite football team, Watford FC, play a match.Rather than being thrown by the request, the actress took Chris's bizarre questions at ease, eager to answer questions that were not part of the tiresome repertoire of stock questions about her latest blockbuster.Just to be on the safe side, however, Mila reeled off a spiel of rehearsed quotes that she had at the ready to supply in her more mundane interviews."I just thought of myself playing this heartbroken girl, and yes I loved working with James Franco, and I would like to say I loved working with Michelle Williams but we hardly had any scenes together so I would have liked to have worked with her more," said the star.

Although she declined Chris's requests for a date, stating that she was "really ill", Mila said that she would consider his proposal in the future.Chris also went on to ask Mila whether she would consider being his plus one for his friend’s wedding in June. Unfortunately for Chris, the star already had prior filming commitments at hand.It seems that the journalist was not put off by the fact that Mila is already in a relationship. The Black Swan actress has been dating Two And A Half Men star Ashton Kutcher since April 2012, but the romance has been kept strictly under wraps.

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