Katherine Jenkins sends love to fans after leaving record company

Katherine Jenkins has confirmed that she is moving to a new record label.

The news comes just five years after the Welsh singer, 32, signed the biggest classical recording deal in UK history.

The songstress took to Twitter to announce that she has completed her current contract with Warner Music, and hint at exciting future projects: "Dear friends and fans, yes I can confirm that I'm moving record label. I have reached the end of my 3 album deal with Warners.

"I'm super excited about where I'm going next but am currently sworn to secrecy... you will of course be the first to know as soon as I can say!" she said.



The move comes amid rumours that the record company lost patience with the Welsh soprano's expense claims of a reported £1,500-a-day on styling, hair and make-up during promotional and live events.

Katherine has dismissed such reports, assuring her followers that her relationship with the record label simply came to a natural end.

"This is a happy time for me personally and as an artist so please do not be concerned by nonsense reports in the press. Love you xxx"

Katherine first signed the £5.8m three-album contract with Warner Music Entertainment in 2008 in a bid to gain wider exposure worldwide, with an aim of developing her career further in the US.


She had already achieved recognition as one of the most successful classical female vocalists in the UK with her former record company, Universal. Katherine's talent saw her songs reach numbers one, two and three in the UK's classical charts, with her album Premiere becoming the fastest selling classical CD of all time, selling over 30,000 copies in the first week in 2005.

Her time with Warner was less fruitful, however, with approximately £2million lost by the label in sales.

The star's latest seasonal album, This is Christmas, saw a fall in popularity from her previous records and only managed to reach number 26 in the UK album charts, while her previous album for the label, Daydream, reached number six. 

Luckily, a spokesman for the singer has told fans to keep their eyes and ears open for the star's next venture: "Katherine is looking at options at the moment, details of which will be announced soon."