Tom Daley reveals his impressive A-level results in short video

Like thousands of other young hopefuls, Olympic swimmer Tom Daley received his A-level results on Thursday. Unlike most students, however, he revealed his results to 1.5 million Twitter followers, and recorded a little video capturing his response.

Luckily for the bronze medallist he excelled in his three subjects, achieving an A* in Photography, an A in Spanish and an A in Maths after sitting his exams at Plymouth College in June.


Aug 15, 2013 | A Level results!!! by TomDaley1994 on

"Ok, so just got my A Level results on email which is the most nerve-racking thing ever, having to open that and see it come through," Tom says on camera.

"But anyway, I opened it and I have now officially got an A* in Photography, A in Spanish and an A in Maths. So very happy with that.

"Never have to go to school ever again! But I am kind of going to miss it. But I mean very happy to come away with straight As and… yeah! Very happy! Now it's time to enjoy the rest of my world trip."

The 19-year-old also wrote to his fans on Twitter to tell them the good news.

With his school days well and truly behind him, Tom is fronting a new ITV2 series called Tom Daley Takes on the World, which will follow the British diving ace as he embarks on a whistle-stop backpacking tour.


On his travels, he will visit Japan, Australia, Thailand, Morocco and New Zealand with his best friend Sophie, staying everywhere from hostels to night trains. Tom will also take on an adventurer's bucket list, which will include bungee jumping and flying a jet plane.

"I can't wait to get away on my trip," the athlete said of the show. "Diving and training are my first love, but I am looking forward to a break from the norm and discovering more about places I've never had the chance to explore before. And to do it all with my best friend will be amazing."

ITV's Angela Jain said, "Tom's career as a diver has captivated the nation, we hope this show will give people the chance to see the teenager behind the trunks as he enjoys his global pack-packing adventure."