'All I care about is my family,' says Kanye West during showdown with Jimmy Kimmel as Kim Kardashian watches from the wings

It was the Twitter feud which gripped fans – and had them in stitches. Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel were locked in a war of words, so viewers were no doubt expecting a tense showdown when the rapper arrived to appear on the TV star's talk show.

The pair buried the hatchet though, and Kanye took the opportunity to explain his motivations and dissect some of the outlandish comments which he has made recently.



With his reality TV star girlfriend Kim Kardashian watching from the wings, Kanye told Jimmy: "I wouldn't even say I'm a rapper; I would say that I'm a messenger. In all honesty, all I care about is my family, protecting my girl, protecting my dreams."

In a show of support, Kim had brought their baby girl Nori along as she came to watch her man tape the potentially difficult show.

She needn't have worried though, as it was clear from the offset that Jimmy wasn't going to make his guest's life difficult. Although he opened with the quip that the rapper "threatened his very existence" by embarking on a Twitter war against him, he quickly launched into an apology.

"I really felt bad about all this stuff I did," said Jimmy, who originally upset Kanye by doing a spoof of an interview Kanye recorded for the BBC in which he said talked passionately about his work.

Jimmy admitted the spoof – which featured a little boy playing Kanye in the BBC chat – was given the go-ahead after he saw only portions of the original interview and he admitted: "In fairness there was context, and we took it out of context."


The initial tenseness seemed to evaporate as Kanye smiled while Jimmy played a clip of the spoof for his audience. After the Heartless singer confirmed that the pair's argument had not been a publicity stunt he explained that he got so upset about the video because Jimmy was someone who he knew.

Kanye had phoned Jimmy to express his upset, and the call had not gone well. The feud had "elevated" from there, explained Kanye, adding: "Jimmy does his thing, I do my thing, and at some point egos can flare up, and we kind of took it back to high school."


Later in the show, the artist explained comments where he had compared himself to Jesus and Steve Jobs. "These are my idols. This is the kind of impact I want to make on this earth," he said.

Kanye also showed himself a good sport when he openly laughed at a skit featuring musician Josh Groban, who had created a new album of songs titled Josh Groban's The Best Tweets of Kanye West.