Myleene Klass opens up about the husband who left her on her 34th birthday

Myleene Klass has opened up about the painful separation from her estranged husband Graham Quinn.

While she won't to go into the specific details about why Gary ended the 6-month marriage on the singer's 34th birthday, for the sake of her two daughters, Myleene has spoken about how she coped during the breakup and how she believes that "money is the root of all evil."

"It's horrific," Myleene told the Daily Mail. "I'm still in the middle of it. I’m still at that stage of thinking 'is this actually happening? Am I in the middle of a nightmare and about to wake up?'"




The singer went on to say that her friends had had their suspicion about her former security guard Graham. "Everyone had an opinion," said Myleene, and where they right about him? "Yes."

Myleene had two daughters with Graham, Ava, six, and two-year-old Hero and it is them who have spurred her on during the bad times.

"You sort your girls out," Myleene recalls her father saying. "He's taught me to see the bigger picture. In this case it's my girls.

"From the start he was adamant, 'Get the girls through this and you'll be OK."


Former Hear'Say singer and TV presenter Myleene married her long-term partner Graham on 22 October 2011.

"Myleene and Gray had a private intimate wedding in Norwich today," read a message written by the couple's representative on Twitter. "The couple did not want a big lavish affair, they just wanted to be married and enjoy the day with their nearest and dearest."

Just six months later, however, Graham ended the relationship on 6 April 2012, Myleene's birthday.

The newlyweds had not even collected their marriage certificate at the time of their separation and are currently in the process of divorcing.