Vin Diesel honours 'brother' Paul Walker in heart-warming video

Vin Diesel has posted a heart-warming video montage in honour of his late co-star and close friend Paul Walker.

The actor thanked his 60 million Facebook fans for their support over the past two months since Paul's death, by compiling an 18-minute clip of the pair's time together.

The footage, which was captioned "A glimpse... of Dom and Brian… off screen" in reference to their Fast & Furious characters, was a true testament to the pair's bromance. Vin and Paul are shown joking around, bonding over their passion for cars and racing and promoting the Fast & Furious franchise.


"Hey it's Vin Diesel, I'm here with my man Paul Walker, my buddy who is the star of Fast & Furious," Vin is filmed saying in one shot at the start of the video. "When you see the movie, you will see a dynamic that strangely crosses over into reality."

The montage showed Paul's excitement at getting involved in the popular car racing films, and the explanation of how it all began.

"Honestly looking at it, I really felt like you kind of shifted perspective for me," Paul told Vin in one clip.

"Cos here I was a young guy, born and raised in southern California, like doing all kinds of stupid stuff and I was looking at it going, 'Man this is an opportunity to go play.'"


"As a result of you guys taking it seriously and explaining it and showing it for what it could be, that's why it became what it did," said Paul, referring to Vin and the film's director Rob Cohen. "And that's why we're here today."

The video ended with the 46-year-old actor telling Paul, "It's a blessing to be able to work with your brother on and off screen. The final message flashes up on screen, reading, "Pablo... miss you."

Production of the seventh film in the series was delayed after Paul died in a fiery car crash on 30 November. According to Hollywood Reporter, his character will not be killed off but will retire. Paul's younger brother Cody was asked to step in to replace the star in the unfinished scenes.