Justin Bieber: mentor Usher and his manager fly to Panama for talks with troubled singer


Justin Bieber's mentor Usher and his manager Scooter Braun have flown to Panama to hold talks with the troubled teen singer.

On Saturday, two days after he was arrested for DUI, resisting arrest and drag racing in Miami, Justin decided to travel to Punta Chame – and now the two men credited with his success have been photographed at the same luxury resort where Justin and his entourage are staying.


Justin's childhood friend Ryan Butler is also present, according to TMZ, and the trio are hoping to have a serious talk with the 19-year-old star.

Justin and his posse - including model Chantel Jeffries, who was in the car with him at the time of his arrest – are staying at Nitro City, an action sports facility on the beach at Punta Chame, that features a skateboard park, dirt bike track, wake lake, sky diving, jet skiing and kite surfing.

Justin's manager Scooter and his mentor Usher flew to Panama to talk to the singer

When he first arrived in the small beach town on Saturday, witnesses said that fans – mostly teen girls – flocked to the area to catch a glimpse of the singer.

Following his arrest, Justin took to Twitter to thank his fans for their support. "You are all worthy no matter what anyone says," he wrote. "Be strong god is with us all > My beliebers changed my life > I will forever be grateful."

Justin's father Jeremy was with his son when he was arrested

Manager Scooter, who has been described by Justin as a "father figure", also spoke out on Twitter after the singer was charged. "Love you and I will act in the manner of someone who truly cares," said the 32-year-old. "That is all I have to say. Thanks for all those concerned."

Meanwhile, Justin’s father Jeremy Bieber - reportedly with his son when he was arrested - appeared to hit back at critics when by simply tweeting the word "Proud" on Saturday.


He later added, "Worry about the log in your eye before judging the spec in mine! I will answer to my maker as will you! Truth always wins! #reallife."