Anna Friel opens up about cosmetic surgery

Anna Friel has opened up about having taken the same cosmetic treatment that Kim Kardashian made so famous last year – the vampire facial.

The British actress admitted trying the extreme facial – which involves drawing blood from the arm and injecting it back into the face using tiny acupuncture-style needles – "only once".

She said in a recent interview with InStyle magazine: "As you get older you start thinking, 'I feel better on the inside so why does everything else have to happen the other way round?!'"

She added: "Never say never to anything. I know older actresses in their mid-fifties who do the little…" (she puts her hands up under her earlobes and pulls) "you know, each to their own."

While on the subject of beauty, Anna, 37, said that's exactly what actress-of-the-moment Jennifer Lawrence is, calling her "all perfect".

"I mean you look at some of these newcomers and you just go, 'You've got it right.' Her style, her wit. It's all perfect."

Anna, who is mum to daughter Gracie, 8, with actor David Thewlis, denied that she was freezing her eggs in an attempt for a child with her current partner, actor Rhys Ifans.

She did say though, that she would love to have another child. "I would one day eventually love another child if I am blessed that way. I hope I will be."

The former TV soap star also revealed that when it comes to work and not winning a role, she tries to "think more like a man."

"Women are much more self-critical, they'll go, 'Oh, I did this wrong and that wrong.' Men just go, 'This happened and that's that.'"