Lily Allen admits she would 'rather look like Kate Moss'

Mother-of-two Lily Allen has opened up about her body confidence issues.

The straight-talking, no-nonsense pop rebel was doing a fashion photoshoot when she revealed her thoughts on the pressure today on women to conform.

"Of course I'd rather look like Kate Moss than look like myself," Lily told Elle magazine. "I wish I didn't feel like that, and I think the reason we feel like that is because of the imagery we're fed all the time.

"Women are still expected, in some weird way, to kind of… Sit there and look pretty. And not talk."


After a three-year hiatus, Lily made her musical comeback with the release of her latest track Hard Out Here. The "feminist anthem"  as dubbed by Rolling Stone magazine  caused controversy with its explicit, expletive-laden lyrics, and provocative video.

It began with Lily lying on an operating table undergoing liposuction. A record company executive, possibly her manager, asked, "How does somebody let themselves get like this?" to which she replies, "Erm, I had two babies."

The video then launches into a parody of hip hop videos in general, with references to Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines and much twerking, à la Miley Cyrus at the MTV awards.

"You'll find me in the studio, not in the kitchen," sang Lily by way of an introduction, before firing off a series of gender injustices and stating in the chorus that "it's hard out here" for females in the music industry, and the world in general.

Lily revealed that she stepped out of the limelight to start a family with her builder husband Sam Cooper, but that she couldn't become a full-time stay-at-home mum which is clear from her video.