'Meet Alena Rose Jonas': Kevin Jonas and wife Danielle share photo of their 'little star'

Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle have introduced their baby girl to the world. The couple shared a photograph of the newborn baby with the caption: "On this day, a little star was born. Meet Alena Rose Jonas."

The picture was shared via the account of laundry detergent Dreft, which had been giving updates from the birth.



In the snap, Danielle gazes lovingly at her tiny daughter, who is bundled up in a white blanket and wearing a little pink hat.

The excitement had begun on Sunday morning, when Kevin posted a photo from the hospital showing Danielle and the baby's heart beats on a monitor.

"#babyjonas is on the way!! Follow dreft for all the updates!!!!!!!!! It's showtime #thisisnotadrill," wrote Kevin to his four million followers. The post was retweeted almost 3,000 times in the first hour, followed by wishes of luck from the couple's fans.

Kevin and Dreft kept followers up to date throughout Danielle's labour. One update from a clearly excited Kevin read: "Here we go we're pushing!!!!"


The little girl's arrival brings joy to the Jonas family the day after a sad event – the funeral of brothers' grandfather.

Jerry Miller, the father of the Kevin's mother, passed away on January 28.

As they celebrated the new arrival, Kevin's siblings spared a thought for their grandfather.