Justin Bieber going to trial? Singer 'rejects' DUI plea deal

Justin Bieber is set to reject a plea deal in his DUI case, meaning that a trial could be on the cards.

According to TMZ, the State Attorney was prepared to drop resisting arrest and DUI charges if Justin agreed to undergo random testing for substance abuse and completed 40 hours of community service. But sources have said he has decided to reject the offer.


As part of the deal, prosecutors also asked that Justin attend an alcohol education class and meet friends and family of DUI victims — but the singer reputedly feels this would make him a spectacle. He also doesn't want to be under the constant threat of probation, the site reports.

Furthermore, sources close to Justin told TMZ that the believe the police officer was lying when they said he smelt of alcohol, and that he observed him drag racing —the GPS device registered a reasonable 27 mph.


If the case does go to trial, Justin could be tried for three offenses — DUI, resisting arrest and driving on an empire license. He could face a maximum of two-and-a-half years in jail.

Recently, Justin's music has taken a backseat as his personal problems continue to dominate the news. But on 21 February, the star — who will celebrate his 20th birthday on Saturday —tweeted a link to a new mix tape sit, which included a new track titled Broken.

In the song, which also features rapper Blake Kelly, Justin sings, "I cannot be broken, They can't take what's mine, Someone like me is hard to find."

In another verse, he says, "I guess that want a reaction, I ain't gonna give it to 'em, I cannot be broken, Like I know you were hoping."