Jennifer Love Hewitt talks life with 'fantastic' daughter and 'incredible' husband

In November last year Jennifer Love Hewitt gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Autumn and revealed her surprise marriage to partner Brian Hallisay.

The Client List actress went quiet after the announcement but has returned to talk to Ellen DeGeneres about her marriage and four-month-old daughter.

"I got married, five days before [Autumn] was born," Hewitt told Ellen.

Jennifer Love Hewitt speaking to Ellen Degeneres

"It was just the two of us, and then we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond because that’s what married people do", she laughed.

Speaking of her husband and Client List co-star, Jennifer said that Brian is "an awesome, incredible father and a great husband and I just feel really lucky!"

The pair were married in secret last November, after confirming their pregnancy with their first child back in June. Just one day later they confirmed they were also engaged following a romantic trip to Italy in May.

"We're so thrilled and happy to start a family," they said at the time.

Jennifer, 34, and 35-year-old Brian had been dating for around 20 months. The couple first worked together on NBC series Love Bites and reconnected on the set of Lifetime show The Client List.


Jennifer Love Hewitt and Brian Hallisay

The brunette star has made no secret of her desire to have children and called baby Autumn "fantastic".

"She's sleeping better now, not so much in the beginning, which was a little rough. But, she's a great sleeper now." Hewitt added, before telling Ellen that her daughter loved the show.

"She watches your show every day... The second the show comes on and you start dancing, she does this weird kick thing with her leg and she gets her little chair. She loves it!", before adding that Autumn is also ao hip-hop fan, "She loves Pharrell and Drake. She's big into hip-hop and Latin music for some reason! She does the Dougie!"

In a 2010 interview with Us Weekly, she admitted, "I would love to have babies — one day. I am obsessed with babies!"