Paul Walker's daughter Meadow thanks well-wishers for support since dad's death

Paul Walker's daughter Meadow has thanked well-wishers for their kind words and support since the tragic death of her father.

"Thank you for all of the kind words and support during this difficult time! My family and I truly appreciate it. Xoxo," posted the 15-year-old on Tuesday.

The tweet comes just a few weeks after the teenager opened accounts on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and shared a touching black-and-white photograph of herself with the late star.


Meadow and late father Paul Walker

Meanwhile, it has come to light that the widow of Roger Rodas, who was driving the car that crashed and killed him and Paul, is suing Porsche over the accident.

Kristine Rodas has filed a wrongful death lawsuit claiming that it was the company's fault the vehicle crashed.

Paul Walker and Roger Rodas died following a fatal car crash

She also claims that the sports car did not have a proper crash cage and safety features in the petrol tank that would have saved both her husband's and the Fast & Furious star's lives.

According to the widow, her husband, who was a trained racing car driver, was driving at 55mph and not the unsafe speeds that crash investigators claim.

Fans and loved ones remember Paul Walker and Roger Rodas at the scene of the crash

Roger was driving a 2005 Porshe Carrera GT, which can reach speeds of more than 200mph, when he and Paul crashed on 30 November.

The pair had been attending a fundraiser organised by the actor's charity Reach Out Worldwide when they decided to take the new Porsche out for a spin in Santa Clarita, California.

Witnesses described the car as being engulfed in flames, and the pair died on the scene.